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While there isn't usually a specific student car insurance policy available from many top auto insurance companies, car insurance for students is often times handled a bit differently than a standard policy. This is because drivers (especially males under 25) are at higher risk for accidents and account for 30% of all DUI accidents that cause fatalities.

If you are a student in need of car insurance, there are some facts you should know. One of most important things that you should know is that auto insurance rates for students can vary wildly from one company to the next. Finding car insurance for college students can be a snap if you understand that each auto insurance company has different guidelines for determining how much their student car insurance rates cost. This means that it can really pay off to shop around and compare student car insurance quotes online from many different companies.

To save yourself some time and get started finding the cheapest student car insurance right away then use our free student auto insurance rate quote finder at the top of the page. Compare quotes from multiple companies and then choose the policy that is the cheapest and that will best meet your needs. Get started comparing student car insurance rates today!

What Determines Student Car Insurance Rates?

While of course every insurance company uses a different formula for determining their auto insurance rates for students here is a general guideline of some of the things that they will be looking at:

  • Your age. While everyone under the age of 25 is automatically placed in a high risk category, young men will often times have higher insurance premiums than young women.
  • If you have your own policy or if your parents can and will cover you on theirs. Many insurance companies will allow you to stay on your parents car insurance policy as a secondary driver as long as you are a full time student attending school less than 100 miles away. It may be cheaper to stay on your parent's policy and pay them your portion of the premium. Of course they have to be willing to do that.
  • The make, model and year of your car. The trendier cars are mostly fiberglass and will cost more to insure. If you drive an older car you can get a lower premium since they cost less to insure.
  • Living in an urban area raises your rates because of a greater likelihood of car thieves.
  • Your driving record. Moving violations and DUI charges will increase your premium.
  • If you need a rider for any after factory installs on your car, such as stereo equipment, it will cost more.
  • If you have to get your own policy, remember that your credit report will have bearing on your policy premiums. Younger drivers haven't usually had the chance to build up any kind of credit. That will add to the cost of the premium.

How To Find Cheap Student Car Insurance

It certainly is possible to find a cheap student auto insurance policy. Just because students tend to be in one of the highest risk groups doesn't mean that there are not some simple things that can be done to help lower premiums even if you are still being covered as a secondary driver on your parent's policy. If you are close to graduation or are no longer eligible for coverage on your parent's policy you will want to make sure you have your own policy in place before your parent's coverage ends.

A gap in insurance can not only be an inconvenience but can cause financial discomfort with a first offense alone costing a fine between $175 and $350 along with an annual surcharge of $250 to keep your license.  The following are things that need to be done to obtain cheap student car insurance:

  • Maintain a good driving record. That seems like a no-brainer but even one speeding ticket can make a difference in your insurance rates.
  • Maintain good grades in school. Your grades in school are viewed as a reflection of how responsible you are. Students that maintain a B average or make the honor roll/deans list. Provide a copy of your grades to your insurance agent and you can be eligible for a good student discount.
  • If you live very close to campus and don't have to drive much you can probably get a low mileage discount.
  • Taking various driver training programs or a defensive driver course can also lower your rates.
  • Installing car alarms or other anti-theft devices can also help lower your rates by making your car less likely to be stolen. Various safety equipment such as air bags, anti-lock breaks, day light running lights and electric seatbelts can also help save you a bit of money.
  • If you are a parent who has a student away at school that is not going to be driving the family car, make sure that you tell your insurance company where your rates can be adjusted without completely taking your child off your policy (it's called Student Away at College discount).

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