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There are many student car insurance discounts available that can help to lower your auto insurance rates. Find out how you can save money with the most common student auto insurance discounts.

Common Student Car Insurance Discounts

Here are some common discounts that many students take advantage of and that you may be eligible for!

Good Student Discount:
A good student discount is available through most auto insurance providers. If you meet your auto insurance companies minimum GPA requirement you may be eligible for a good student discount. There is usually a qualifying age and student status to be eligible. Check with your auto insurance company to see what their requirements for the good student discount are.

Resident Student Discount:
If you have a student on your car insurance policy that is a resident at a college away from home you may be able to save money on car insurance. Some auto insurance companies offer a resident student discount. Check with your car insurance provider to see if you could save money through a resident student discount.

Defensive Driver Discount: Many students take advantage of the defensive driver discount offered by many auto insurance companies. By taking a course in defensive driving you could save money on your auto insurance premiums. Class requirements vary with insurance company so check with your car insurance company for specifics.

Safe Car Discount: Another discount that your auto insurance company probably offers is a safe car discount. If your car has certain safety features in place you could qualify for a discount. Things such as anti lock brakes, anti theft devices, air bags and passive restraint systems may help you save money on your student car insurance policy.

Accident Free Discount: if you have been accident free for five years or more you may qualify for a discount from your student car insurance company.

Low Mileage Discount: May auto insurance providers offer a low mileage discount. By meeting a low mileage requirement monthly or yearly you may be able to lower your auto insurance premiums. Walking to class or carpooling with a friend may help you save money on your student auto insurance policy!

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